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Salisbury FC Maintanance Weekend 24/25June


Its the final weekend before football returns to the Ray Mac, so to help make it look good and you  can spare a few hours today or tomorrow  come on down from 10:00 am So grab a brush,and join us.

Stadium Maintenance Weekend 10th/11th June

Don’t forget! This weekend we’re doing the big clean up at the stadium! Ray Neal and John Harper have been working hard every day since the end of the season but they need our help for a never ending list of things to do in preparation for the next season. Below is the complete list.

If you could spare any of the following items for this weekend it would be much appreciated!

Equipment needed

  • Paint Rollers (we have plenty of the sponges)
  • Emulsion Brushes
  • Matt black paint
  • White spirit
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Rubber Gloves
  • WD 40
  • Brooms
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Wire brush
  • Scraper knives
  • Marigold gloves


Work to be done

  • Paint Boiler & Gas meter room doors
  • Paint turnstile doors
  • Paint Gates 1 & 2 doors
  • Paint emergency exit doors
  • Paint exterior wall from main building up to the Halfords sign
  • Repair Box 6 exit door
  • Paint Box 6 exit door
  • Paint over graffiti
  • Paint yellow lines
  • Paint turnstile doors
  • Paint Tea hut 2 exterior wall (White)
  • Paint Tea hut 1 Emulsion wall (by the table)
  • Paint doors on Disabled toilet & gates 3, 4, 5
  • Paint gates E & F exit doors
  • Paint emulsion toilet walls
  • Check & paint as required black ironwork around pitchside & terraces
  • Paint corridor tea hut 1 emulsion on brickwork
  • Paint wall adjacent exit 6
  • Paint emulsion smoking area
  • Tidy Boiler & Gas meter rooms
  • Repair or replace Emergency exit plywood covering
  • Fit hold back door Latches as required on turn stiles & gates
  • Fit holdback latches on Gates E & F exit doors
  • Check everything works in all toilets ie taps, toilets, hand dryers, drains, doors, locks
  • Clean turnstiles
  • Clean advertising signs and remove if not required
  • Clean Smoking area
  • Clean turnstiles and lubricate
  • Clean Home & Away dressing rooms ceilings
  • Clean all toilets
  • Clean window frames & windows upstairs and in boxes
  • Clean all exterior doors & windows frames in main building
  • Clean & wipe down seats in stands & boxes
  • Clean boxes