Your Supporters Club Committee

Gordon Plumb
Gordon became our chairman at the last AGM after Thom Belk was no longer able to fill that role. Gordon has been a SFC supporter for a very long time and is good friends with Nick Holmes, the former Salisbury City Manager and now Salisbury FC Supporters Club Honorary President.
Gordon can be found on the terraces just below the main turnstyles where he can be observed cheering his team on in a very vocal and passionate manner.
Bob Erskine
My home town is Paisley, Scotland and I have supported St Mirren for as long as I can remember. I even own just over 0.01% of the club. Both St Mirren and Salisbury play in black and white and both mascots are Pandas. St Mirren’s is a bit fatter than Salisbury’s!

As a regular supporter (50+ games a season), when I moved to Salisbury in 1984 I started watching all the local teams – Southampton, Bournemouth, even Portsmouth sometimes and, of course, Salisbury City. It was great fun going to Victoria Park and being able to watch games in the depths of winter from the warmth of your car, sounding your horn when we scored. I’ve long stopped going to Bournemouth and Portsmouth, but not to Southampton or Salisbury.

I met Dave Phillips in 2004 when he took over the insurances at Naim Audio (where I was the accountant). I’ve been his guest on numerous occasions in the Board Room at the RayMac; at quite a few away games; and even for a couple of trips to Twickenham. I thought it was about time to repay his generosity and do something for the team he’s helping to save.
Trevor Purse
Membership Secretary

"This is my fifth year being involved with the Supporters Club as a Committee member, previous to that I attended events put on in several years before. I have supporteded the Whites for many years back to the days of Victoria Park, and the Western League, and Beazer Homes Southern League.If I’m not on membership duties on match days I can be found standing on the terraces near the refreshments area. I used to play football myself in my younger years up to Wessex League level and that’s part of the reason why I’m looking forward to this season."Trevor
Ray Neil
Committee Member
“Born in Bournemouth many years ago I have always been interested in sport but football has always been my favourite I played at school and then continued playing during my apprenticeship then on to the RAF where I represented my station Boscombe Down obviously being born in Bournemouth I was a very keen supporter of the “the Cherries “ but then I moved to Salisbury played local football and then took up refereeing when age prevailed I started to watch the Whites firstly at Viccy park then at the Ray Mac and have been ever since and hopefully will continue for a long time to come.”Ray
Kevin Clubb
Committee Member
Kevin has been supporting the Salisbury football team for a very long time and can frequently found on trains travelling to away matches. He's great with money, so he's become a regular admin on the race night tote table. His daughter Leona is his personal assistant who has to do all those jobs that Kevin claims he can't do. 😉
Keith Gale
Committee Member
Keith is a very busy man who not only volunteered to be on this committee but he also looks after the football ground to keep it in such good condition for the enjoyment of the fans.Keith
Anna Hawke
Committee Member
Meet Anna Hawke. With her ever positive attitude, big smile on her face and an energy that makes us all feel tired just watching her, Anna is fantastic to have on board. She joined the supporters club committee this summer and here she explains why:
What is a supporter? Well the dictionary definition of a supporter is "a person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team". This really does sum up what as individuals we aspire to and in such have joined together to form the collective group The Salisbury FC Supporters Club. On a personal level, to me joining the supporters club started with pressure from a son who was crazy about football and Salisbury Football Club and a husband who enjoyed the game, so just like in the old adage ‘If you can't beat them, join them!’ mum came along see what all the fuss was about! From this, my support has grown and I now even know the offside rule!
Gary Nunn
Committee Member
Since I slowed down working all hours, especially Saturday afternoons, I have been able to come and support my local team. For years I never bothered with football, too busy working, but now, I really enjoy watching and following the "Whites" both at home and away. In August 2017, I volunteered my services to the the Supporters Club helping out with webstuff and IT, and of course enjoying some good non league football as well.