Thank you from the Chairman


Here is a transcript of the thank-you letter the Supporters Club received from Ian Hammond after our donation of £5,000.

Dear All,

On behalf of the Board, I would like to express my thanks for the generous donation of £5,000 given to the Club at the last home game on 11th November.
Here at the Ray Mac we know we provide the best facilities within our League, together with endeavouring to play the best football and employ the staff who can help us achieve our ambitions. Running the Club and facilities is an expensive business and whilst the Board does its very best to ensure we maintain value for money with all our expenditure, whether on maintenance or playing staff, we are heavily reliant upon our fantastic supporters whether by their attendance or donations to help finance the Club.

Your continued support, representing those fans is really appreciated, and I wish the Club (Supporters that is) its very best help and assistance to the success of the Football Club itself.

Again, many thanks for your generous donation.

Regards Ian

Ian Hammond Chair of Salisbury Football Club Ltd.